Tuesday, April 16, 2013

My inital thoughts on Softube Console 1

After reading the press release there are some thing I like and don't like about console 1. First of all if the price is right this could be a good seller. There really aren't any good controllers out there except the euphonix series that avid purchased that handles plugins. I don't like that it can only be used with softube plugins because they don't have basic plugins to me, like a simple compressor or parametric EQ, but I guess this is what the channel strip that comes with it will take care of. The “4k” in the name UK 4k makes me think SSL 4k at first thought. I don’t like that the console channel strip will not be separate plugin release, and only comes bundled with the console 1. They said there will be other console emulations to follow, so that is good. I use more than softube plugins when I mix so I would be between the mouse and controller a lot. I'm also not crazy about putting an insert across every channel in my session when mixing. I am not a fan of those type of plugins at all. I'm also not crazy about the fact that if I purchase this it will be yet another piece of hardware occupying a USB port on my computer. Lets face it. Computers don't come with 8 usb ports. And USB hubs can be flaky. But I digress. I also don't see a display on the unit that shows the name of the track you're on, which would be helpful. But  what it comes down for me is what can I do with this that I can't do with a mouse? And would this be faster than using a mouse? With everyone so use to mixing with a mouse to turn plugin knobs, this would be new workflow to learn. I will admit that sometimes mixing with a mouse can be frustrating. Especially when you go to turn the gain up on a plugin 1db, and as you move your mouse away the knob gets cranked to the max. (This happens to me a few times during a mix because of the apple mouse I use and where the scroll position is.) When I think of it I would prefer to use a knob or fader over a mouse. Also if I'm looking at the controller turning knobs I am not focused on what's on the screen and would focus on the sound more. From that aspect I would love it! I would be open to giving this a try though and see if it speeds up my workflow. I like what where Softube is going with this though, and I look forward to see where it is headed.

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