Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Perfect Mic Pre and Mic Combibations

When you pair the right mic, with the right mic pre, with the right voice or instrument, you can hear it immediately. You will have the closest thing ever to the "perfect sound", and you will likely say one word once the sound comes through the monitors.......DAMN! It has happened to me a few times so I want to share the great combinations I have found that has worked for me.

  1. Avalon 737 + U87 + vocal = This mic pre and mic combo is a bit cliche but this was first time I had one of those "ah ha!" moments when tracking vocals. I heard a lot about the Avalon 737 and how it was widely used in hip-hop. So I decided to rent one for an upcoming session. Paired with the U87 on vocals I couldn't believe how clean and clear my vocals were. Loved this so much I rented the Avalon for every session until the completion of the album. 
  2. API 312 + Bock 195 + piano = I don't track piano's a lot but had to for a gospel song I did few years ago. I can't remember what mics I use to use on piano but after using the Bock it doesn't matter anymore. This combo with the  right mic placement (I used them as a  stereo spaced pair) and you can't go wrong. 
  3. Empirical Labs Mike-e + Miktek CV4 = I've known the guys at Miktek for a while and couldn't wait to use one of their mics. When I found out one of the studios I use had just the CV4 no matter who I was recording next it was going up in the booth. Paired with my beloved mike-e I got the most crystal clear vocal recording I have ever done. The vocals sat just right and needed little eq when it came time to mix. 
  4. Rupert Neve 511 pre + Miktek C7 + vocal. This been my go to vocal chain for over a year now. Simply sounds great. 

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